Environmental Policy

The Company aims to keep all kinds of environmental impacts under control by complying with all kinds of environmental laws and regulations, continuously improve the environmental performance continuously by reducing the environmental impacts and leave a viable and clean environment to the future generations by performing the production and manufacturing processes seamless based on this awareness with a view to protecting and sustaining our environment. 

EFE MARKET EKİPMANLARI ENDÜSTRİ SOĞUTMA SANAYİİ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ shall engage in the following activities in order to fulfil the requirements of the environmental policy. The Company undertakes to:

-  Ensure continuous development and improvement by fulfilling all the legal requirements related to environment as well as customer requirements.

-  Consider environmental impacts on plant and process investments. 

-  Minimize all wastes, prevent pollution at source, encourage recycling processes to the extent possible, and dispose of the wastes which are not recyclable in a manner that shall not be harmful for the environment in order to minimize the impacts on the environment. 

-  Offer training to the employees, suppliers and sub-contractors about environment and gain them awareness about environment.

-  Improve the environmental management system continuously in order to promote the environmental performance of the company. 

-  Perform periodical reviews in order to attain those goals and objectives.